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Exmoor Coast Update September 2022

A quick round up of some new problems put up on the Exmoor Coast over the last year or two. Follow the links for more pictures and information.

The usual suspects have been busy picking cherries and making adventurous approaches courtesy of Exmoor aficionado @nomad99turbo!

A guide to Crockpits is in production so, approach description and location of the excellent selection of problems here will be available soon.

Ruby Petch – ‘Blood Red Sky’ 7a – Foreland Point. Stunning highball fridge hug.

Find your way to 'Gun Caverns' to seek this out.

Ruby Petch – ‘Lizard Brain’ 7b – Crockpits. Highball overhang.

Ruby Petch – ‘The Hidden Edge’ 7b – Hurlstone Point – Roof with a spicy finish ( Ruby likes the odd highball apparently!) ( @solly.k.d added an eliminate version avoiding using a crimp in the roof 'Commando' 7c)

Kyle Whitehand - 'Trinity' 7c - Hurlstone Point - Power, compression, tension. 'Flawless'!

Both of these are on the 'other side' of Hurlstone somewhere under the old coastguard lookout. I'm sure Kyle and Ruby would give you the details if you want to seek them out.

James Whitehouse (?) - 'The Gate Keeper' 7a - ??? - Another highball!

Grant Edwards - 'The Mule' 6c - Lynmouth West - Something sub 7 for the punters that avoids the hard bit of 'Eye of the Storm' 7b but takes in the same spicy rockover onto the slab!

Grant Edwards - Shanty Town - 7c - Lynmouth East - Extends the finish of Tom Newberry's Cake Vs Pie on the Slopey Traverse Boulder.

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