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NEW Hurlstone Point Bouldering Guide

Situated well into the Somerset portion of the Exmoor Coast close to the coastal hamlet of Bossington, is a compact bouldering venue that has the distinct advantage of having some climbing available no matter what the stage or size of tide. The steepest sections of Hurlstone Point will also stay dry for sometime in rainy weather too.

A perfect venue for the low to mid grade boulderer to practice the art at a west facing suntrap in a beautiful coastal environment. Also a perfect venue for a training session on the classic traverses and eliminates on the steep Rain Dancer wall. Whilst the problems listed don't exceed the low 7s it is possible to create much harder problems or link up traverses and get pumped out of your mind.

Personally, I have regularly used Hurlstone Point as a training venue that, unlike lots of coastal bouldering, is useable even on the biggest high tides. We affectionately dubbed it 'Stoney Bossington' after a more well known Peak training venue. The aspect and feel of the place couldn't be more different to Stoney Middleton though!

Occasionally Hurlstone gets rediscovered and I have noticed the odd 'claim' of new problems popping up on the UKC logbooks. I was lucky enough to be able to communicate with Terry Cheek before he passed away and will always recall his words 'you should do everything you can to promote your sport and what you do on Exmoor'. It is long overdue a write up, as could be said of many of the venues on this coast. Martin Crocker has been very helpful in providing details of problems and longer standing names for them. Hopefully, the guide will provide some inspiration to others to seek out and try the climbing at this venue. All being well this is the first of many as an attempt to bring together a more comprehensive collection of guides and information on Exmoor Bouldering.

Follow the link below to find the PDF downloadable guide for Bouldering at Hurlstone Point.

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